2 minute warning

The thought has occurred to me that I will mark my 45th year on the planet Earth come Christmastide.


Pardon the expletive, but wouldn't you be upset? There's no more room for cute in my world, folks. The low rise jeans I bought at Hollister are about to go all comic on me. I've been able to pull them off with some grace, but soon it's all going to start looking like I'm reaching and stretching just a hair too thin.

Warn me when it starts to happen.

Until then, carry on.

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  1. Allow me to break it to you, my fine friend...you look better in those low rise jeans than most of the teeny-boppers who try to squeeze their decreased-activity obese bodies into them. I'm so darned tired of seeing the butt cracks and panties of young ladies all around me...in class, at work, on the street...ACK! It's one of my current pet peeves.
    I say walk your graceful Cape Verdean, high heeled, low rise jean-clad self right into your 45th year with pride!