Da Vinci, Round 3

I've read The DaVinci Code years ago and did so because I'd already read most of the "research" it's based on. Specifically, I've read nearly every book written by the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail. There are quite a few books.

So when "The Code" came along, I knew exactly when Dan Brown's idea had come from and thought that he'd pretty much ripped everything from HBHG and spun it into something the mainstream will swallow. Good for him. Holy Blood, Holy Grail is some fascinating stuff. Theoretical, but with just enough "evidence" to give pause. It had been a controversial and popular book in its own right when published in the 1980's.

We're up on Round 3 of the mainstream wave, and the release of the DVD will probably become the last and final Round. Anyone who's averse to reading will flock to the movie over the coming weeks and "discover" that there's an alternate version of Jesus' life that is titillating and for some, scandalous. I initially expected to see more protests from Christians as the movie's premier approaches, but in considering the notion of Jesus having a bloodline and lineage, I've realized that it probably gives a lot of folks more hope than insult.

How many people, after reading the books HBHG or DVC, wondered if Jesus blood runs through their own veins?


  1. Hello

    I hadn't read "code" myself, maybe because lack of time. But the funny thing is that people yell about it giving their bad or good opinions, which generally suck - they just came from stereotypes, or satan knows where from :-)

    Meanwhile, I'm going to wathc the movie, maybe even in cinema, although I hope it'll be as good as teasers show it is.

    btw, interesting blog. I'll stay tuned.

    Love, M.

  2. Hate to do this, lol, but I tagged you on my Sunday post....check it out! :)