The Moon, It Hit My Eye

Dear God,

No disrespect, and I admit that you and I haven't been close lately, so yesterday evening while shopping in our busy little downtown area, I became concerned when I saw groups of people on the street staring up into the sky and pointing. I saw those servers and hostesses at sidewalk cafes stop work to gaze up, then calling other workers over to do the same. I'll bet you noticed that patrons began doing it too. Did you see me obediently looking up to stare? Then, like the Chicken Little that I am, begin calling everyone I know to see if they could confirm what I saw?

Yup. They saw it too. Seems what we saw was one of your sure signs of the Apocalypse.

The moon was turning to blood. And it was daytime. And it was on the wrong side of the sky. You scared the crap out of me.

Of course, some people offered an explanation for all of this... about how the Florida brushfires sent a cloud of smoke and haze high into the atmosphere and it moved between us and the New Moon, refracting light or some such drivel. blah, blah... I know better. I think you're pretty ticked about how we messed up the last two elections. It's a warning, isn't it? You can tell me. Are you mad about George endorsing Jeb? C'mon. I'm getting a little nervous.

Looking for another sign that doesn't say "Exit",

Indiana Jonesing


  1. Damn, Kris!
    Don't make me take your picture off my screen saver! I am still tracking down the whereabouts of yo babies daddy! I second the demand for at least 1 drink with an umbrella!

  2. I suppose I should congratulate myself on my first nonsense comment. Meh.