Mining the Collective Brain Reserve (Begin at the Beginning...)

I'm on a learning curve, and according to Todd Kashdan's book Curious, it's the reason I'm currently happy.

What's got my time and attention is social media, and if you're reading this blog, you've probably spent enough time online to become tired of the words.  Yes, the term is ubiquitous and by now, after everyone whose ever had to market online through a single tweet or facebook page has titled themselves a social media expert, I'll bet you're about ready to stop reading this post.

And that's ok.  You can stop reading.

But if your eyes have hit this sentence and you decide to continue, I'll tell you about my latest plan to have segments of this blog dedicated to what I learn about measuring and monitoring social media.

How did I decide to include that topic in a blog about ideas?  Because my worklife role now involves gathering social media metrics and like all things I become keenly interested in, I dive head first.  Especially a project I'm passionate about.  Especially a project that involves one of the Biggest Ideas to come along since television, and especially since the field is so wide open that there's exponential room for creativity. 

The mind reels with the possibilities.

So when you see my post titles include Mining the Collective Brain Reserve, you'll understand that I'll be writing about the progress of my self-imposed bootcamp.  I'm doing that in this Big Idea space because there are lots of folks like me out there, tasked with understanding, measuring, monitoring, creating, and listening.  And they want a plan, or they'd like to read about how others have done it.

I'm a fan of performing lots of research for anything I set out to do, so you'll get lots of links and pointers as I write out my journey.  It'll be a winding path, but here:  I've just taken the first steps.

First Link, First Step:   Radian6 says, is to Listen

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